Unleashing the Trailblazer: Woman's Take on the Specialized Levo SL Expert Carbon Mountain Bike

Words by Mia de Paula: 

Specialized has been a head of the game when it comes to e-bikes. I’m thrilled to be able to add this bike to our E-Bike Series. 

I got the pleasure of riding the new Levo SL over the last 7 months, and Specialized really stepped up their game with the new SL motor. When I got my hands on the all new Specialized Levo SL, I found myself immersed in a world of unparalleled adventure and empowerment. The bike handled everything I threw at it, in the most positive way. Boy was I surprised! 

The Levo SL is lean and responsive, meaning; it’s light, nimble, fast, and quick in every turn. 

One of the standout features of the Levo SL is its lightweight construction. Carbon fiber layup provides super-responsive chassis stiffness. As someone who values agility and maneuverability on the trails, I was pleasantly surprised by how effortlessly I could navigate through tight corners and technical sections. The reduced weight of the bike, combined with its responsive handling, made me feel in control at all times, boosting my confidence to take on more challenging terrain. 

Additionally, the suspension system absorbs bumps and vibrations with ease, delivering a plush ride that keeps me feeling fresh even after hours in the saddle.

Speaking of saddle- I changed the saddle that was on the bike. Specialized sent me their Power Comp w/ Mimic saddle (168mm) which works perfectly for my sit bones! 

Specialized selected components for the Levo SL Expert Carbon, that prioritize the rider, and sets them up for success on any trail, for any terrain. Knowing that my bike is equipped to handle whatever the trail throws at me gives me peace of mind and allows me to push my limits without hesitation. 

Check out the Components list below!

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Key Geo:

Key Geometry that most women look for when deciding to buy a bike: Frame Specs for the S2 (Small)

  • Reach- 425mm
  • Standover- 763mm (So good!)
  • Wheelbase- 1184mm
  • Dropper post travel- 150mm 
  • Bike Travel – 150mm Rear, 160mm Front
  • Mullet Set up- 29″ Front, 27.5″ Rear
Specialized has designed this bike with a balanced geometry that strikes the perfect blend of stability and agility. 


Finding the right bike size is crucial for both comfort and performance. For me, at 5’4.5″ tall, the S2 size on the Levo SL felt just right. 

Specialized provides comprehensive sizing charts and guidelines to help riders make an informed decision. By taking into account factors such as inseam length and reach, riders can choose a frame size that fits their individual body dimensions and riding style.

Like I’ve said in the past, when choosing a bike size, it’s important to consider what your style of riding is and whether you want a more stable or nimble ride etc. 


On The Trail

Climbing is where the Specialized Levo SL truly shines, and after putting it through its paces on various trails all I can say is the bike has power!! The Levo SL’s climbing prowess is nothing short of remarkable. Equipped with the New 1.2SL motor, this bike delivers a smooth and seamless power boost that feels natural and intuitive.

The responsiveness of the Levo SL is also worth noting. Thanks to its efficient power delivery system, this bike accelerates quickly and smoothly, allowing you to maintain momentum on steep gradients without feeling bogged down. This responsiveness is especially evident when tackling punchy climbs or sections with sudden changes in gradient, where the Levo SL’s ability to deliver power on demand truly shines.

Descending on the Specialized Levo SL is so so fun! It combines the experience of thrill seeking with the added confidence and control. With plush suspension, and precise handling, this bike inspires confidence and encourages you to push your limits on even the most technical descents. Because the bike is agile, easily maneurevable and versatile, I was able to take it to bike parks, my local XC trails, and steep terrain, and the performance was nothing short of impressive. The mullet set up makes it easy to dig in berms, carve tight turns, and switch backs!

Like the two other e-bikes I’ve reviewed so far, the weight of the Levo SL was not an issue at all!


New Specialized 1.2 SL Custom Rx Trail Tuned Motor & Battery​

The integration of the NEW SL 1.2 motor is where the Levo SL truly shines. The Levo SL seamlessly blends electric assistance with traditional pedaling, providing a natural and intuitive riding experience. The power delivery is smooth and refined, offering just the right amount of support to tackle steep climbs without sacrificing the thrill of climbing under my own steam.

In terms of battery life, the Levo SL offers impressive range, allowing you to tackle long climbs and epic adventures without fear of running out of juice. With the ability to customize power modes and monitor battery levels via the Mission Control app, you can easily optimize your ride to maximize efficiency and enjoyment. 

The all new Specialized SL 1.2 motor is whisper quiet, boasts unmatched smoothness, delivers 43% more torque (50Nm), and 33% more power (320 Watts) than its predecessor.


 Extra: Range Extender giving you extra 40 miles/18km range

Specialized MasterMind TCU Display & App

UI/Remote: Specialized MasterMind TCU, percentage of remaining charge, 120 possible display configurations, MicroTune assist adjustment, ANT+/Bluetooth®, w/Handlebar remote

The Specialized App has over 120 customizable display options and various different motor tuning options. 



  • S2 Carbon Frame- Harvest Gold Metallic 
  • Travel- 150mm Rear, 160mm Front
  • Fox 36 Performance Elite Fork, and Rear Shock
  • Drivetrain- SRAM GX Eagle AXS T-Type
  • Mullet set up, 27.5″ rear, 29″ Front
  • One Up V2 dropper, 150mm travel
  • Specialized Handlebars 30mm Rise 
  • SWAT CC steerer tube tool with chain tool and link
  • Specialized Eliminator T7 Rear tire, and Butcher T9 Front 
  • Specialized Traverse Wheel Set & Hubs
  • SRAM Code Stealth Slv Brakes
  • SRAM 200mm rotors front and rear
  • Saddle, Specialized Pro Mimic Comp
  • Specialized 1.2 SL Custom Rx Trail Tuned Motor, 320 wt
  • Specialized MasterMind TCU Display
  • Deity Grips


  • Ranger Extender 
  • Lean and responsive
  • Light, nimble fast, and quick in every turn
  • Efficient battery 
  • Mullet 
  • Quiet Motor
  • Range
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  • Battery drains very quickly when paired with Specialized App


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