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I started this network after some realization that I couldn’t find any bike reviews on unisex bikes from a woman’s perspective. 

While trying to buy a mountain bike a couple years ago, I was having trouble finding a bike to demo for a woman of my height. For the most part, bike shops don’t carry unisex bikes in a small frame to demo. After demoing what was available, (a medium bike frame), I blindly decided to buy a small frame…. 

All the online bike reviews I found were for bikes of larger frames, by men, and nothing for a person of smaller height, or nothing that discussed saddle positioning, cockpit adjustments specific for women.

So, because I couldn’t find a lot online-reviews, blogs, videos- from a woman’s perspective, (or a variety of bikes, gear, or apparel for that matter), I saw the need to create something where women from around the world can come to one hub, and find the info they need. 

And so, the Women’s MTB Network was born. 

We aim to shift the male-dominated narrative in MTB content and offer what women seek. Just like the shift we see happening across other sports: Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey, etc. This network is very much inclusive for all who identify as a woman including femme, transgender, two-spirit, and gender non-conforming, BIPOC folx.

We’re working hard at gathering as much resources as possible and also we’re creating a media outlet and forum to connect women across the world, and bring awareness to women in mountain biking.

In the mean time, if you’d like to see a specific review, blog, video, feel free to send us an email or contact us! Or, if you’d like to send your own review, blog, or video, please do so!! We’d love to have your perspective and experience on the site! Contact us! 

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Founder, Women’s MTB Network

Our team & Contributors

Mia D.

Founder,CEO, Shredder, Social Media, WEb builder, Podcast Host, and everything else

Lauren D.

Co-Founder, Director,X-country Machine, Contributor

Candice H.

Coordinator EXTRAORDINAIRE, Contributor, Bentonville Shredder

Alexis C.

Photographer, Social media, MTB Coach, All round shredder

Beka S.

News getter, Contributor, Bike Park Pro