Red Bull Hardline- Women Continue To Make History in Wales!

Words by Beka Stephan:

More world history for women’s freeride at 2024 Red Bull Hardline Wales. Four riders – Tahnee Seagrave, Vaea Verbeeck, Cami Noguiera, and Hannah Bergmann – became the first women in history to hit the iconic road gap at Red Bull Hardline in Wales, UK. 

The Hardline Wales race course was changed up again this year, and early test runs included that insane canyon gap (which was ultimately scrapped from being part of the official race run). Nevertheless, the course was still wild and full of huge features. While the women did not opt to participate in the final race, they did spend the week leading up to it on many of the challenging sections of the course – a feat that is helping to further normalize the inclusion of women at high-level freeride events. 

Tahnee Seagrave stated “I think the girls have made history for sure. We feel like – we’re like real Hardliners now, we’re part of the crew.” 

And man, we love to see it! 

Check out this clip of the women dialing in and hitting the epic Red Bull Hardline road gap feature for the first time:

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